Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Woundup and Weview

It has been a busy and fun weekend for our family. It is very nice to be back into somewhat of a routine. Friday night was our first Christmas service. We had a great time with Pastor Randy Brown and the church in Sharonville, Ohio. It was very good to have my Mom and Dad there with us.

My brother Steve and his wife Karen were there and Renae and Jacqueline Coffman were there too.

Pastor Randy Brown and Davy

Saturday was quite a bit warmer with rain all day. I worked on some bus things and barn things most of the day but we did take a little time to drink some salsa for lunch.

Sunday morning Odie went to Dodds with my parents.

We went to Dryden for a super great Sunday morning service.

Sunday night we had our second Christmas service at Anchor of Hope in Lebanon, Ohio. They included us in their special candle light Christmas service and it was so good.

This is sound check.

They have a terrific band at Anchor and we supplemented their band by having Bro. Michael Alexander with us playing bass. They all sounded awesome together and made it real fun to sing. I wish I could take a full band with me every where but I am very thankful to have the best piano player in the USA every night. I suppose I should not be greedy!

That pretty much wrap up our weekend. The cold came back with a vengeance Sunday and that is no fun. I keep telling myself that we will be in the south before too long. That will be nice!

I hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for reading.


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