Thursday, December 15, 2016

A Winter Wonderland?

The week so far has pretty much been all about getting ready for the Christmas services that will be going on between now and Tuesday. I posted information about those services yesterday. We are looking forward to singing Christmas songs and preaching a little Christmas sermon.

Tuesday we met our dear friends, Bro. EJ and Sis. Lacey Lamb for a great lunch and wonderful fellowship. We love these folks and before we knew it we had talked and eaten for over two hours. Even after all that, you can see below that it was still smiles all around.

We will get to see them again Sunday night at Anchor of Hope where they serve as Associate Pastor and worship leader. This will be a special Christmas service so come be with us.

This is what it looked like on way home Tuesday afternoon.

And this is what it looked like as we turned into the ranch. That is the barn and tent trailer way back there but where is the lane?

I was up early Wednesday morning and went outside to check things out. I think we definitely beat the 1-3 inches estimate. In fact, that estimate spun off in a ditch some where! Then in a tragic road rage incident, a driver got out and beat that 1-3 inches estimate to death right there beside the road.


I shoveled some of the areas around the car and barn door because I knew if the cold came as they were predicting, the snow would be frozen solid.

We were going south for a lunch meeting so I was checking the roads. Our road looked good but I text my brother to check the conditions in Cincinnati. He said there was no snow there. I thought he was joking but there was literally NO snow there. In fact, I would say there was no more than one inch of snow ten miles south of us. That is crazy!

Although it did not get above freezing Wednesday, the cloudy day still brought us a little melting. Here is Kelly Jo styling and profiling in her warm, dry and fashionable snow boots. (Thank you Sis. G!)

This is the temperature now, Thursday morning. 7 degrees and feels like minus 9! For our readers overseas, that is minus 13 and minus 22 Celsius!

Please explain to me again why anyone one wants to live north of the Ohio river or even north of Interstate 40? This is ridiculous! I know that some of you love cold weather and I can sympathize with that. I get it. 

I may not be completely right in the head but THAT is not my particular kind of illness. This is too cold for human consumption!

Today we hope to set up the sound system and go through our Christmas program about 394 times. We should have it down pat by then.

Thanks for reading today. I do hope you are some place very warm, I am, if only in my dreams!


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