Saturday, December 31, 2016

Goodbye 2016

Hello, this is Odie checking in from the road. We had a great time last night with Pastor Ryan Martin and our friends in Sullivan, Missouri. I am sure that Dad will have pictures from our visit next week. Now we are headed on toward Wichita, Kansas.

This is December 31st and that means we have survived another year. It feels like 2016 just began a few weeks ago and after a few blinks it is gone. We began 2016 singing Great Is Thy Faithfulness in West Harrison, Indiana. God has proven to us over and over again how great His faithfulness is. 

I am a person that likes to have  a plan. I am open to some changes in the arrangements but I like for things to follow my plan as close as possible. It seems like life loves to laugh at my well laid strategies and throw me curves. I am learning to trust God plans and to know that His plans are ALWAYS better than mine. 

City Reach was our ministry focus for 2016. The Lord blessed us with several great City Reach campaigns in 2016 and we know none of them could have been possible without Him! Praise God for the souls that were saved and people that were helped of God.

This year we traveled from coast to coast and many places in between. We saw many awesome things along the way. It is always great to see our family and friends along the road. We have made new friends that are now lifelong friends. Sadly, we had to say an earthly goodbye to friends as well. 

Now as a new year approaches. I am ready to say goodbye to 2016. It has been a wonderful year!!  I will look back in my memory banks with fondness but I gladly welcome 2017. I am ready for a fresh start! 

How exactly will the next 12 months go? I may have ideas and dreams but God is in control. I am willing to fervently pray, sincerely believe and then trust God to do what is best for me. I am going to enjoy life one day at a time and appreciate the journey. I pray and believe that walking without any help will become a reality for me this year! I am going to look for that miracle every day and I am going to serve God no matter what happens.

Thanks for joining with us on the blog this year. Stay tuned right here and we will take you on every crazy adventure we face in the coming days, weeks and months. 

Last Monday Lisa, Deidre and I spent a few of hours together before we had to go our separate ways. We enjoyed lunch at Cheddars and a browsing visit to Hobby Lobby. Spending time with these two is always a blast!  





A final picture with Deidre on Tuesday


Many miles may separate me from these two lovely cousins but they are never far from my heart. I love them both so much!

That is all for 2016. Thank you for reading! Happy New Year and I will see you next year. 


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