Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Getting Back Into the Routine

When we hit the ground in the USA Saturday this was our view from the Newark, New Jersey airport. That is the World Trade Center Freedom Tower in the center. Kelly Jo saw the Statue of Liberty on the flight in but I missed it completely.

It was great to turn my phone off of airplane mode for the first time in 25 days.

My Dad and my brother Steve took care of everything at the barn and bus while we were gone as they always do. I appreciate them tending to things. Having the bus in the barn relieves a lot of worry about it freezing up but it still needs a watchful eye when things get really cold. Thanks Dad and Bubba!

Kelly Jo and I had to run to town Monday so we stopped in at Acapulco at 11:00 for a little Mexican food fix. Plus, I needed to see my friends!

Wow! It was delicious! We had not had any Mexican food the whole time we were gone until take out Sunday and dine-in on Monday. We were long overdue! We did see a Mexican restaurant in some country we were in but it was too far from Mexico to lure me in. I tried that in Canada once; bad, bad mistake!

I stopped at my Dad and Mom's Monday afternoon and Odie came back to the bus with me. We are trying to get ready for our Christmas services that begin Friday. We are only doing four and all of them are close to home. I will post those dates here tomorrow.

This is what practice looks like in the BoggsMobile. Kelly Jo is standing by the bed playing her Yamaha and Odie is in the floor. We have spent a few hours like this through the years!

Kelly Jo's parents came by and visited a while Monday afternoon and we enjoyed that very much. We will be able to see them more before the holidays are over but it was very nice to have them here for the afternoon.

Today should be more of the same. We have plans to meet some friends for lunch, but besides that, the day should look a lot like Monday. We are getting back into the routine. Of course by the time we are settled, it will be time to hit the road for a different routine. There is no time to get bored.

Thanks for stopping in today.


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