Thursday, December 1, 2016

Oh Deer The Fun Continues

Hello, it is Odie checking in once again. Wednesday was an exciting day in the woods hunting for a deer. We only had a couple hours to hunt Wednesday morning. I just knew this was the day I would take a deer down. I have a story to tell!


It was an extremely still and foggy morning and things were quiet at first. I was facing a field waiting for a deer to show up. Uncle Danny was looking all around for deer. He looked over his shoulder to see a doe coming to the feeder barrel. I was trying to get turned quickly, cautiously and quietly so I could get a good shot. The deer was watching things closely but she was enjoying corn from the feeder. I am left handed but I could not get a left handed shot. So my  uncle suggested to try a right handed shot. 


The deer was 23 yards away it was a perfect chance to get my prize. I took the shot and immediately the doe dropped, flipped started kicking. I thought I was finally successful but she jumped up and ran away unhurt. I am dumbfounded and I still can not believe it happened.

When my Papaw and Uncle Danny checked things out all they could find was lots of hair. No sign of an injured deer could be found. The guess is the shot hit in a void spot between her back and lungs. 

Uncle Danny said I gave her a hairstyle change. Papaw Danny says she is telling all the other deer that corn is dynamite. It knocked me down it had such a punch. Here is my trophy for the day,a bag of deer hair. 


When we got back to the house and were discussing everything and I mentioned my prayer for the day. "Lord please let a deer come out by the feeder. Let me get a shot and take it down". God answered my prayer! I just forgot to add make the deer stay down forever. I did NOT hear the end of it all day. It was a long day but a boatload of fun. I have had to grin and take the jokes and laugh with everyone. 
I had to tell you before my family got ahold of the blog. 

The hunt is not complete yet. We are believing Saturday will be the day I will get my fully answered prayer. I am being extremely specific in my prayers for Saturday!! 

Thank you for reading today. 

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