Monday, December 5, 2016

Update From Davy and Kelly Jo

Hey Friends, this is Odie checking in for the second time today. Click here if you missed my original post today. I am posting again because I just received this update from my parents. I will let Dad finish this post. 

Hello, Friends and Family. I want to let you know Kelly Jo and I are doing well, feeling good, resting much and recharging wonderfully. We have had no phone signal and very little WiFi. In fact we have only had access to the Internet for short stretches of time when we seek out a restaurant with WiFi. 

During those times we have been exchanging messages with Odie and our families. We have even seen their faces while talking a few minutes with FaceTime on our iPhones with WiFi. That is so cool. 

We should have WiFi Friday evening and we should be back at the Lazy OD Ranch by late Saturday night. We are looking forward to seeing Odie and the whole gang soon. 

We have not been able to read much of Odie's posts while we have been disconnected but I am sure she has done well. Hopefully she has kept our millions of readers informed. 

Thank you for reading each day. 


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