Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Very Boggs Christmas

Christmas evening was the time set aside for A Very Boggs Christmas. We met at the Dodds Fellowship Hall as we have for several years. It has plenty of room for us to all spread out and have a good time plus it is conveniently located. It is right next door to the Lazy OD Ranch and only a few miles from every one else.

All the family members were present and it was good to have everyone together. We now have three of the grandchildren living away from Waynesville and all three of them were able to be home for Christmas. That made it special for all of us. 

The theme of the Christmas dinner this year was Mexican food and boy howdy it was good! Everything I tasted was perfect, plus I topped it all with a heavy dose of Acapulco salsa.

I will leave you now with the pictures from our Very Boggs Christmas. Thanks for reading.


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