Saturday, December 10, 2016

Gaither Christmas Concert 2016 Columbus, Ohio.

Hi, this is Odie checking on this super Saturday. I am excited because my parents are headed home!!it will be great to see them this evening. Please pray for their traveling safety. 

Last night I had a fantastic time at the Gaither Christmas Concert in Columbus, Ohio. The evening was full of wonderful music, extraordinary singing and lots of laughter. I was joined by my cousins Lisa and Deb Isaacs. We had a fantastic time. 
The highlight of the evening was seeing my very favorite group The Isaacs!! At a Gaither show you get to see many great artists! Last nights lineup:The Isaacs, The Gaither Vocal Band (Bill Gaither, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttles, David Phelps and Wes Hampton), The Martins, Gene McDonald, Russ Taft, Charlotte Ritchie, Buddy Green, and a local choir from Grove City Church of the Nazerine. 
The band included Ben Isaacs, Kevin Williams, Greg Ritchie, Matthew Holt, Kevin Moore Buddy Green and Jeff Taylor. 

I always love attending a Gaither show and it had been a few years since I had been able to catch a show. I am so glad it worked out that we could go last night. I did not get the greatest pics. I just had my iPhone and the lighting was an issue. Here are my pics from last night. I will see if Deb has any better pics and I might post them later too. 

Have a wonderful weekend. With Dad getting back the blog should be back to normal programming. 


The awesome Mark Capps

Gene McDonald 

The Martins

Buddy Green 

Several artist joined Buddy on a song

Russ Taft

The Isaacs 

Gaither Vocal band

A sea of lights 

The amazing Charlotte Ritchie 

A hilarious attempt at a selfie of our crew

All of the Homecoming artist

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