Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Schedule - Christmas Services

Update: Tomorrow morning's Christmas service has been rescheduled. The weather guessers are predicting a wintry mix early tomorrow morning in West Harrison so Pastor Wade Hicks decided to reschedule the service in an abundance of caution. We now plan to be there Wednesday December 21st at 7:00 PM.

Wow! Winter has arrived in grand fashion! This was how it looked yesterday afternoon and it snowed for a few more hours after this!

At one point yesterday the snow was falling in beautiful little star shaped flakes!

This was the temperature at 4:41 this morning. Look at the low of 7 for tonight. Thursday the high is forecast at 14 degrees!

Folks, that is too cold! Ouch!

Schedule - Christmas Services

Ok, I have finally whipped the calendar back into shape. I think I have every thing listed up through the third week of April. You can see the schedule HERE. As always, dates are completely subject to change and are likely to change before I finish this post!

I also added the dates for our Christmas services. We have done a few of these in the past and Pastor Brian Hisle has been asking us to come to New Castle, Indiana for a Christmas service the last few years. Bro. Brian is a great long time friend and we are happy to be able to go this year.

Things kind of snowballed from there. We have been asked to do others but there are only so many service nights between now and Christmas. Plus a Christmas service after December 25 is just...LATE!

December 16, Friday, - Sharonville, Ohio, Free Holiness Church of God, Pastor Randy Brown, 7:00 PM

Rescheduled Due to Weather 
December 18, Sunday Morning - West Harrison Pentecostal, West Harrison, IN, 10:00 AM
New Date: December 21, Wednesday Evening 7:00 PM

December 18, Sunday Evening - Lebanon, OH, Anchor of Hope, Pastor Bill Lamb, 6:00 PM

December 20, Tuesday - New Castle, IN, Trinity Full Gospel Tabernacle, Pastor Brian Hisle, 7:00 PM

We also changed up the first of the year schedule the last month or so. We knew we would not be home until now (Mid-December), so we had initially planned to begin revivals in Alabama the third Sunday in January. We wanted a little more time at home to prepare for the next sprint across the country.

Pastor John DiZazzo called and asked us to preach the dedication service for their Hope For The Hurting residential program on January 1st and we were thrilled to be asked to do it. We love what Bethany Revival Center is doing to change people's lives and we want to support it in every way we can.

I immediately accepted the invitation knowing full well we were not going to be any where near there at that time. No problem, right? We thought about driving the Green Machine out and back home but that is a 1600 mile round trip. We looked at flying but that was not appealing either.

After thinking it over and hashing it out, we decided to leave December 30th and make a big loop out of it. That gives us a chance to visit several friends that have been asking us to come. Most of those new dates have now been added to the calendar.

Come see us if you can. God bless you all.


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