Tuesday, December 6, 2016

California Visits Ohio

Hey Friends, Odie here on this terrific Tuesday. I posted twice yesterday please read both post if you missed them. First I blogged about my cousin Wade's 12th birthday party and the  second post was an update from my Parents. 

I am glad to be back home in Waynesville. I had a wonderful visit with my Hillsboro family and look forward to seeing them  soon. Today I spent some time with my Gran and Papaw Christmas shopping. Now I am settled in to enjoy a quiet evening. 

Before Thanksgiving I had a special treat of seeing Bro. Jared Burris and family. I am always so glad when their visits to family are when we are home too. It was a bummer that Mom and Dad missed seeing them this time around! 

The Burris Family are dear friends and are no stranger to the blog. We love every chance we get to cross paths with them. We are always looking forward to our next trip to California to visit them. 

Last Christmas Bro. Jared and J.C. Burris helped us on a big project at the Lazy OD Ranch. Dad was excited for them to see the progress that He made on the project. Papaw Eugene and Uncle Steve were kind enough to show them around when the Burris men stopped by the Ranch. 

The two times I was able to see our dear friends while they were in Ohio were way to short. I look forward to seeing them somewhere along the road. 

Below are a few pics of the Burris crew. Thanks for stopping by and reading. 


Grant and Odie 

J.C. and Odie 

Gunner, Emily, J.C., Odie, and Bro. Jared

Odie, Sis. Valerie and Bro. Jared

Uncle Steve, Gunner, Grant, J.C. and Bro. Jared

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