Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Change In Next Week's Schedule

I posted this Thursday morning but I am re-posting shortly after noon with an update. The update is inserted within the post in red type below.

Kelly Jo and I made a farewell trip to Acapulco Wednesday at 11:00 AM. It was a bittersweet visit but the food and salsa were grand. It was kind of sad to say goodbye to so many of our friends.

A Change In Next Week's Schedule

We have not even left the barn yet and our 2017 schedule is already changing. That is why we always say in Odie's newsletter, "Please call before diving long distances because our schedule is likely to change, like maybe today."

Well, today, the schedule changed.

We are planning to leave later today in order to be in service Friday night with Pastor Ryan Martin Sullivan, Missouri. Sunday we are supposed to preach the dedication service for the residential portion of the "Hope For The Hurting" program at Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, Kansas. Both of those dates are still on.

We were supposed to be with Pastor Brent Moore and his church in Ardmore, Oklahoma a few nights next week. I touched base with Bro. Moore Wednesday and there was a slight hitch. They still wanted us to come, but Bro. Moore was going to have be away. 

He has been asked to preach a campmeeting in Croatia and will be traveling there with two of his children next week. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and he felt like God had opened the door. I absolutely agree with everything, except for us going to his church in Bro. Moore's absence.

We have filled the pulpit for Pastors that had to be absent. We have preached in churches where the Pastor was called away at the last moment. However, preaching a revival for a church when the Pastor can not attend at all is uncomfortable. I love for the Pastor to be there and it is not the same with out him.

I begged off and we agreed to schedule our revival at a date to be determined later. I wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible since we have quite a few friends in Oklahoma and Texas that might be planning to visit us in Ardmore. I will post here when we are going to be in the area again.

We are looking forward to being with Pastor Dennis King and our wonderful friends in Gainesville, Texas for both services on Sunday January 8th.

Update: Pastor Russell Cheek has asked us to preach a few nights at Amber Holiness Church in Amber, Oklahoma. We are happy to accept his invitation and we are now planning to be there Tuesday through Friday, January 3-6. The services will begin at 7:30.


Wednesday night we attended revival at Dryden Rd. That will probably be our last service there until Easter and it sure was a good one. Pastor Gary Lee preached outstanding! We are blessed to have a great home church and we praise God for them.

We are looking forward to cranking the BoggsMobile and hitting the road in a few hours. We have been "sitting still" long enough. We will try to write soon from some where down the road.

Thank you for reading.


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