Friday, November 11, 2016

Hope For The Hurting Dedication

It is Veterans Day today and I first want to thank each and every veteran that has served. May God bless you for your sacrifice. I also want to link to a post I wrote in May about our visit with a true American hero and our great friend, Bro. Larry Smith.

Hope For The Hurting

A few years ago I told you about Bethany Revival Center's program Hope For the Hurting. Pastors John and Judy DiZazzo and their church have been reaching out to hurting people for many years in the Wichita, Kansas area and beyond. There are many men and women that are serving God today at Bethany and at other churches because of Hope For The Hurting.

They have been reaching for people in prison, people just getting out of jail, drug addicts, alcoholics, depressed, possessed and confused for many years. I have seen the grace of God at work in the lives of people that go through their church and I know first hand the good they have been blessed to do.

It has been their desire for many years to begin a residential program as part of Hope For The Hurting. They purchased and renovated a larger older church in their neighborhood and have been working toward their goal for a few years. It has been an almost unbelievable series of miracles to bring them to the launching point. The building is essentially completed and they plan to start accepting their first residents shortly after the first of the year! Praise God!

Because of the logistical challenges of housing both men and women in the same area, they will only be accepting women into the residential part of the program at this time. They are excited to get started and there are hurting women that are excited to get a chance to start over.

There are many churches and ministries across America that are reaching for people that are bruised and broken. There are jail ministries, homeless outreaches, clothing banks, free stores, drug intervention programs and much more that are ran by the conservative Pentecostal people in several cities. I love that! God is using my brothers and my sisters as His hand and His feet.

Many of these ministries desire to eventually do something similar to what Bro. John and Sis. Judy DiZazzo and the Bethany Revival Center are about to do. They realize the great need. They see the great potential. Yet they are also painfully aware of the great obstacles that block their way. A residential program is a tremendous expense and a tremendous commitment.

My friends in Wichita are clearing some of those last obstacles right now and this program should be up and running soon. This is huge. This is awesome. This is really ground breaking. We are so thrilled and happy for them and we hope it inspires and paves the way for other ministries to follow.

We are also happy that they have ask us to take part in their dedication service Sunday January 1, 2017. I know that many of you have shared in their vision through prayer and possibly even financial support. it would be awesome if you could continue that participation and even increase your participation by joining us and them for the dedication service. I know it is going to be a wonderful day! They are planning an afternoon service so that others can attend and I will give you more details as I receive them.

Shortly after the dedication, Hope For The Hurting will begin accepting the first women into the residential program. It is going to be an exciting adventure indeed. We are happy to be along for the ride!

Thank you for reading today.


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