Saturday, November 19, 2016

Birthday Celebration

Hello everyone, this is Odie checking in again. Dad may also post later  today, when they get back to wifi. Remember our post schedule may be a little off right now. 

In Monday's blog post Dad mentioned our birthday dinner last Friday for my Aunt Theresa. It was wonderful to have a big part of our clan together for a little while. 

Aunt Theresa, I love you so much!!  Thank you for being an Awesome Aunt! 



That was Friday's birthday fun. The celebration continued on Saturday. For our cousin Lisa Isaacs. It was a honor to be invited to join Lisa's family at her birthday dinner. 




Lisa is an amazing lady and I count it an honor to call her my cousin and friend. Thanks, Lisa, for just being you. I appreciate all you do for our family. I love you! Thank you for including me in your birthday dinner. 

And that is a wrap on the family birthdays for the week. We have a few more coming up soon.  I hope you have a super weekend. 


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