Thursday, November 10, 2016

Wednesday Night In Richmond, Indiana

Pastor Ronnie Baker from Richmond, Indiana had invited me over to preach for him and his folks so Wednesday night was appointed time. It is not really that far to Richmond from the Lazy OD Ranch. It only took us about an hour and five minutes to get home after church but the drive to Richmond was quite a bit longer because of traffic.

Eaton Pike Pentecostal Tabernacle is a beautiful church in a great location. They are just south of I-70 and at the very edge of the city. A good arm throwing a rock could almost hit the Lowe's and the restaurants around it from the church drive.

It has been several years since we had been to the Tabernacle and we were so glad to be back. Bro. Baker and his folks received us very warmly and responded well to the singing and preaching. It was a great night.

Odie captured a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

This week has been going pretty much as we planned it. Kelly Jo and Odie have been buying, planning, preparing and packing things for Nigeria and I have been working on sermons. We are running close to our schedule and hoping we can keep the train on the tracks a few more days. It will not be long and we will be with our friends in Nigeria!

May God bless those that have helped with the school supplies for GoodNews Christian School, building the new classrooms and other Nigeria related expenses. Thank you very kindly. We appreciate it and we know that Bro. Shobanke will appreciate it too.

Thank you for reading.


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