Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Here Comes The Water Part II

Long, long days usually mean short posts but at least this long day/short post has lots of pictures.

I mentioned yesterday that we were starting a new project at the Lazy OD Ranch this week. The project for the week is actually the second phase of a project I wrote about in August. The water tap was installed the first week of August and now we are getting around to running the line from the road to the barn. I have no idea how to run a track hoe so Bro. Jimmie is the man of the hour. 

As with most projects, this is a much bigger job than I imagined it would be. By the time the water company gives you all the requirements, it makes you wonder if taking regular showers might be overrated!

We had started very early but the track hoe was delivered Monday a few minutes before 10:00. Bro. Jimmie finally climbed off of it a little after 7:00. He was pretty much hard at it the whole 9 hours with the exception of a 30 minute break for lunch. It was a long day but the ditch is almost completely finished.

Hopefully we will have all the pipe, fittings and hydrants installed by this evening. The water company is supposed to be back tomorrow morning to look it over and start the water flowing.

I will probably have more pictures tomorrow or later in the week.

Thank you for reading.


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