Friday, November 4, 2016

The Big Water Project is Complete

The Big Water Project is Complete! Thursday's post gave the end result but today's post will fill in the details. The most important detail in the whole story is one named Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe. 

I could not have started, much less completed, this job without Bro. Jimmie. I had never operated a track hoe, I knew nothing about making the actual connections. I knew nothing about how best to go about it. I would have been completely lost. The water on the Lazy OD Ranch would not be flowing without Bro. Jimmie.

Thank you very, very much, my dear brother!

Several others helped as well. My Dad worked hard every day, my brother, Steve worked, the whole Millikin family worked and Kelly Jo worked like a borrowed mule. My Mom and Odie cheered us on and helped in every way they could too. It was definitely a joint achievement and I appreciate all the effort.

One of the first problems I ran into was finding all the right materials for putting in the water line according to the water company's specifications. The big box stores carried very little of the parts and none of the big plumbing stores had it all on hand. 

My first cousin, Joe Tuttle made a parts list and ordered it all from a plumbing wholesaler. They would not sell to me before he called because they are not set up to sell to the general public. They went out of their way to help me once a "real plumber" was involved. Joe helped me find the right track and I am thankful for it.

The rented track hoe arrived about 10:00 Monday morning and Bro. Jimmie used it all day long. We needed nearly 400 feet of ditch and he completed all but about 25-30 feet on Monday.

Tuesday morning Bro. Jimmie finished the last few feet of ditch and then we started installing the water line.

We installed an access pit and shut off valve 100 feet back where we hope to build Odie's house in the future. 

Wednesday morning the water company came, inspected and turned on the water. Cool, clear water!

We put sand on the new water pipe and started filling the ditch. That is what we did pretty much all day long.

We did stop for lunch at Acapulco. The Millikin's were there and one of the waitresses asked Sis. Shauna Millikin if she was Kelly Jo's sister. Without missing a beat Sis. Shauna said, "No, she is my mother."

In response, Kelly Jo threatened to bury Sis. Shauna in the ditch. Here she goes!

Landon and Carli helped with Wednesday's work too.

Where the ditch crossed the drive we put in a bout 1 foot of sand and then gravel to the top.

Bro. Jimmie worked for hours to get this hydrant installed but he finally got it.

We quit about 11:00 Wednesday night

We spent all of Thursday finishing up and completing some of the other jobs that were created by installing water.

There is only a little more dirt to move today and then there will be nothing to do until the dirt on top of the ditches settles in.

We sure are enjoying the water!

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