Friday, November 25, 2016

Thursday in Abeokuta

I posted twice yesterday. One post was concerning Nigeria and a second post was a special Thanksgiving post.

Prayer Request:

Kelly Jo and I are supposed to leave Nigeria on Lufthansa Airline late Saturday night. We are not going straight home but have planned some rest and also exploring a few ministry opportunities. 

The problem is the Lufthansa pilots had a one day strike on Wednesday that has now expanded through Friday and into Saturday on some routes. 

We need some guidance if this thing continues. Help us pray. 

Update at 7:00 PM Nigeria Time Friday:

When we returned from the service this afternoon we had received an email from Lufthansa informing us that our flights on Saturday night and Sunday morning were canceled due to the pilot strike. That was completely expected but still disappointing.

We have spent a few frustrating hours trying to get through on the phone to the Nigerian reservations and the US reservations. That has been completely unsuccessful. We still do not have concrete confirmation as of yet, but the Lufthansa Service Team has informed us by email that they will schedule us on the Sunday night flight.

I have asked for an email confirmation and hopefully that will come through in the next few hours. You never really know for sure in Nigeria until you are at the airport and seated on the plane.

The 24 hour delay means that our plans for the next few days are in jeopardy but we are playing it by ear and trying to keep it in God's hands.
Thank you for your continued prayer.

Update at 8:10 PM Nigeria Time Friday:

Thank you very much for praying. I sent out an iMessage to several friends and family and it is obvious that you fervently prayed. I believe God heard you and has helped us! According to an email from Lufthansa, we are now booked on Air France leaving Saturday night a few minutes before midnight, connecting in Paris and arriving at our next location in time to meet our next obligation. Praise God for His help!

Thursday in Abeokuta

It was Thanksgiving at home and we missed being with our families. Odie spent the day with the Morgan crew and she will eat Thanksgiving with the Boggs crew on Saturday. 

Even without turkey and dressing it was another wonderful day in Nigeria all day long. It is fantastic to be right smack in the middle of God's blessings. We are enjoying every moment of it!

Today was the first day of the Ministers Conference at Bro. Shobanke's church. We enjoyed seeing many old friends and making new ones. We really had two great services and awesome responses in the altars. 

The Ministers Conference is for pastors, evangelist, elders, Sunday school teachers, deacons or any other church workers. Many of them are from Abeokuta and many of them are from other parts of Nigeria.

These precious saints have more challenges in a week than I face in a year. They teach me incredibly more than I ever teach them. It is a pleasure it be with them and to fellowship them. They do seem excited about the conference though so I suppose we all win.

These two were our very first Nigerian friends and they are very special to us. 

Pastor Shobanke and Pastor Kuye

They have me preach a morning session and an afternoon session. They would like for me to preach about 90 minutes each session. But I only made it a little over 60 the first session and about 75 minutes the second session.

I am preaching through an interpreter so that makes it longer than I normally preach. 

After a little rest in the afternoon we went to brother Shobanke's house and spent the evening with his family. We enjoyed the evening and the meal very, very much.

Left to right: Samuel, Davy, Little David, brother Shobanke, Samuel Shobanke, John, Gideon being held by his mother Ruth and then Rebecca. Daniel and Damaris us are in the front.

Thanks for reading. 


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