Monday, November 14, 2016

#44 Weekend Woundup and Weview

If you missed the view yesterday, click on over and see it. I will wait for you.

The weekend was mostly spent in preparation for our trip to Nigeria with some family time and church services thrown in for good measure. It was definitely a great weekend.

By Friday afternoon I had pretty much finished with the sermons for the conference in Nigeria. After dinner Friday night I put the last touches on the last one and began the process of transferring them to my iPad and printing handouts for attendees and hard copies of my notes in case of technical failure.

We did pause for a nice birthday dinner for my sister, Theresa Friday evening.

We met at Outback for a wonderful meal and visit with the family. All the kids and spouses were there but a few of the grandkids were missing.

This weekend was also cousin Lisa's birthday!

Saturday was more work to get ready for Nigeria. Kelly Jo has worked so hard to bring it all together and the end was in sight by Saturday night. 

Sunday morning I preached for Pastor Kelly Rogers next door at Dodds and Sunday night I preached for Pastor Kevin Allen in Middleton. We had two wonderful services but we neglected to take many pictures. We took zero at Dodds and only three at Calvary Pentecostal Tabernacle. We must do better than that!

Today we will try to wrap things up in order to leave tomorrow. I still have some more notes to print, my computer bag to pack and then I will concentrate on getting the BoggsMobile and barn ready to leave. Kelly Jo will work on getting the inside of the bus ready to leave, doing last minute laundry and packing. It is all coming together but there are always a bunch of things that must be done at the last minute.

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