Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Monday Gospel Crusade In Abeokuta

Wow! What a great service at the Outdoor Gospel Crusade Monday night! God met with us in a mighty, mighty way. I went back to the hotel rejoicing and praising God for His powerful help. I am fully expecting to hear some wonderful reports of great things God has done!

We have two more nights of crusade and we are expecting God to continue to move. Will you continue praying that God will have His will and way in Abeokuta? I appreciate the reports of prayer we have been receiving. God bless you for it. 

Speaking of communicating with us, the best way to do that while we are here is probably email. We keep the cellular service on our phones turned off. Using AT&T is way too costly here to mess with it except in an emergency. 

Of course comments on the blog are always welcome too. We love receiving the comments. 

We are able to hook to WiFi at the hotel. If you have an iPhone you can send a text as an iMessage and we will receive it when we hook up to WiFi. We have communicated with several folks that way. 

Odie even called us with FaceTime right before we went to church. I did not realize that could be done without phone signal but I should have known. 


It was neat to see her face and to see my mother tooI. I liked it so much that I called her again from the hotel after church Monday night. This time I was able to talk to Odie, my dad, my mom, my brother Tommy and my sister-in-law Holly. 

That is so awesomely cool!

We are supposed to spend some time this morning at the GoodNews Christian School in Abeokuta. We are very excited about that!
Here are a few pictures from Monday with some play by play along the way. 

Thank you for reading. 


This was the temp before lunch. 

Feels like 100? Yep, very much so. 

We had lunch Monday at Sweet Sensations. Chicken Republic is being renovated so this is the substitute. It is kind of cafeteria style but we always eat the baked chicken and a side or two. It is good. 

God helped us all Monday night, including the preacher. Sometimes I feel Called to preach! Last night was one of those times. 

After church I got to hold little David for a few minutes. He is a fine young man. 

Sis. Rebecca prepared us another fine meal too. 

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