Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Same Place One Year Ago

We are having a great little revival at Amazing Grace in Atwater, California. We love being here with Pastor Jared Burris and all of his fine folks. They are super great people and wonderful long time friends.

Odie reminded me that we were here for revival and the new church dedication exactly one year ago. The dedication service was on October 25th and the week long revival closed on the 26th. HERE and HERE are pictures from the revival and you can see pictures from the dedication service HERE and HERE.

In some ways it is hard to believe that it has been a year since the dedication service. That was a wonderful day and it will always be a highlight in our lives. I was so sick that day but the Spirit of God was so amazing and He felt so close that day. It was a very memorable day and week.

Looking through those pictures I saw some that Kelly Jo took in Kings Canyon National Park. Regan Morris visited us that week and Kelly Jo and Odie took her to see a few of the big Sequoias on the way to the airport. They went early in the morning and captured the light perfectly.

This is one of the pictures below and HERE are a few more posted that week.

One of the reasons we write this blog on an almost daily basis is so we can record details of trips, revivals, meals, bus repairs and friends in a searchable format. It is amazing how many times we need to know something and we search the blog because we know we wrote about it. Looking at the pictures is an extra bonus. 

That is how this post started. I searched to see if Odie was correct in her timing and she was! The posts and pictures from one year ago took us right back to that special time. I am thankful for exciting times that create wonderful memories and for a great place to keep record of them. I hope you enjoy the memories as they happen and find their way here.

Thanks for reading.


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