Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blessed To Be 30

I have a prayer request so I am re-posting Odie's blog from this morning. IF some of you receive the feed twice you will know why. I am re-posting because I want you to pray for Bro. JJ and Sis. Bailey Holland from Ellisville, Mississippi. You have been praying for them and their twin boys for several weeks. There has been a change and I will give you the news as we received it in their own words.

John passed away tonight in the arms of his Mama. He is safe in the arms of Jesus. Please pray for us. 
Please understand God did not fail us, He answered our prayers in His way. We prayed for healing and he is healed. We prayed for him to live and he is living. Our miracle was 6 weeks that we spent with out baby boy.
I have been outside working this morning and Odie shared this with me when I came inside a moment. My heart broke into a puddle of years. On one hand I rejoice for John's ultimate healing and for the time they had to spend with him and for their spiritual maturity in comprehending all this from Heaven's view.

But my heart weeps and breaks for this young couple with the first hand understanding of a brokenhearted Daddy. I am praying for JJ, Bailey and little James from the deepest recesses of my heart. Would you please pray for them too.

Thank you very much. Now I will turn you over to Odie and her regularly scheduled Saturday post.


Hey Friends,

Thank you for checking in at Boggsblogs! This is Odie and I am glad to have you along on this crazy journey called life. I hope you enjoy our Mile Markers along the way.

Our plan today is to take down the Gospel Tent in Millry. Dad will work most of the morning getting everything prepared. Once the tent is dry and the help shows up, the tent should be down and packed away in a few minutes. 

We have had a wonderful move of God in Millry. Last night was outstanding in every way. It is a great way to cap off tent revivals for 2015. The next time the tent goes up should be in the southwest of the USA for a City Reach campaign.

It has been an eventful week around the BoggsMobile. I (Odie) turned 30 years old on Wednesday. Please check out my Dad's sweet posts from Tuesday and Wednesday. He put a lot of effort into making sure I had a fabulous birthday.

This is me and my Daddy in my first few days in October 1985.

I will admit I shed some tears a few times in the weeks leading up to October 14th. I was dreading getting old but my family and friends made it a Happy day!  

Once again I am overwhelmed by the love and support. There is no way I could take time to name everyone that sent a video, text, emailed, left a comment, sent a card, or gave me a gift. I am very grateful for your outpouring of love and generosity! I definitely feel loved and spoiled! I did not cry once on my birthday because of my age but some of the sweet acts of kindness shown to me made me cry! 

Now I am excited about what this new decade holds for me! My 20's did not all turn out according to my plan but I rest in this fact, I am living life according to God's plan. 2005-2015 were ten exciting years. God led me down several paths I never dreamed possible! What is going to happen next?


My birthday celebration actually started several days early. Bro. Scott, Sis. Kim, Regan and Rylee Morris treated me to a early birthday meal. It was a great evening spent with my Mississippi family at Cheddars. 

Last Saturday the Tooneys from Irvington, Alabama made the long drive to Millry just to bring me a special birthday card. I am stilled amazed and so grateful for my wonderful friends! I love Bro.David and Sis. Lillie Tooney!

They had planned to be in tent revival with us this week but had to go out of town for a family funeral. I can not believe they took the time to drive so far just to wish me a happy birthday. It was an act of kindness that I do not think I will ever forget!

Thank you all again for every birthday greeting! I am a blessed girl to have so many awesome people in my life. I love everyone of you!! 

Let me close by thanking my parents. Mom and Dad, Thank you for always being there for me. For cheering me on through life! I love you both so much! 

God Bless,


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