Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend Woundup and Weview October 12

To weview the weekend I really need to go back a few days or even a few months. When we landed in Montana on July 10 we knew the next few months would be a sprint. Between a whole lot of driving, revivals, campmeetings, conferences and City Reach it has been a whirlwind of activity since then. 

We knew that it would be busy and we know there are some times like that. In fact, we would not have it any other way. We also knew we had four days scheduled to do nothing last week. That goal of good rest keeps us going some times.

But as we got closer to those days off I felt like we really needed to do some exploring and advance work for City Reach. We hope to take City Reach to Nashville in September 2016 but as of now we have no local churches partnering with us in Nashville. I needed to spend some time on the ground there looking at opportunities, scouting locations and feeling after God.

I promised to work in some rest and a nice meal and Kelly Jo was on board completely. Odie stayed with some of her Mississippi family in Richton and she was as content as could be. When my cousin passed away Sunday I thought we would be in reach of attending his visitation or funeral if it fell on the right days. One of his sons could not get to Ohio until the end of the week and we had to be back in Mississippi by that time unfortunately.

We left as early as we could Monday morning and arrived in Nashville about 3:00 PM. Monday evening was pretty much a wash out since after all the rush of the weekend I really did not feel very well. 

We got a bite to eat and drove around downtown looking at the places where people congregate in the evening. There were lots and lots of people downtown and the several blocks surrounding but we saw no open places for a tent. There is an amphitheater on the river and other performance venues but I could find no level open lots that night.

Tuesday morning I was feeling better so we spent a few hours driving around and exploring locations. We then walked around the neighborhood feeling after God and spending a little time waiting for a particular restaurant to open.

Pastor James McCoy and his family in Colorado took us to Rodizio Grill in Denver back in July and we fell in love.

Rodizio is one brand of Brazilian steak house and it is excellent. You pay one price and they keep bringing a variety of meats to your table as long as you like. In Nashville Tuesday they had 5-7 different kinds of steak, chicken fixed 3-4 different ways, 3-4 different types of pork, awesome fish and several wild game sausages. It was great! 

I am serious. It was really, really good! Kelly Jo found a coupon online so we ate really good at a really good price too!

After Rodizio we went to the regular Tuesday night service at the bridge conducted by Bridge Ministries. They fed several hundred folks and then had service. It was a good experience.

Wednesday we spent the day driving and walking around town and we came up with a few possible locations for tent revival and several other things that we need to seek God's direction about. Please help us pray about City Reach Nashville.

Thursday we drove south and Friday morning we were hooking up to the trailer in Richton and making our way to Millry. By the time we were parked, hooked up and finished laying out the stake line for the tent, it was time for bed. In the picture below you can see the tent trailer is still in the parking lot but Bro. Hunter from Midway moved it into position for me Saturday morning.

Saturday we put up the tent. I will try to post pictures from that later in the week.

Sunday morning we began tent revival and God helped from the very first service. Sunday night was great as well and we are anticipating five more great services. It is wonderful to work with Pastor Lamar Chapman and Midway Assembly again and it was also wonderful to have two other Pastors bring their folks Sunday night. I love that!

That pretty much brings you up to date on the weekend. I will finish the post with a few pictures from tent revival on Sunday.

Thanks for reading.


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