Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday Night in Riverdale

Hey friends, it is Odie writing today from California. We have had a wonderful few days at the 50th Anniversary of Riverdale Assembly of God. It was an honor to be a part of this great event! We love all our friends at Riverdale!

I am thankful for Pastor Charles and Sis. Wilma Spencer. They have been a big inspiration to us! Their dedication to God has impacted countless lives for Christ. We are blessed to have them as our dear friends!

Friday night was the last service we are able to attend of the meeting. Larnelle Harris was the featured guest for Friday night and he blew the place away. His vocal abilities amazed me. 

The choir from Riverdale opened the service and later backed Larnelle on a few songs toward the end. As usual, the choir sang awesome. Sis. Sharla Metheny did a duet with Larnelle on the song "I've Just Seen Jesus". Sis. Sharla hit a home run out of the park! I was proud to say Sis. Sharla is my friend! 

I will leave you with pictures from the Friday night service. Please see Thursday and Friday's post for more pictures from our time in Riverdale. Thanks to Chaz Spencer for helping me snap pictures this week.


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