Saturday, October 3, 2015

Odie and Kodi

Hey Friends,Welcome to another weekend. This is Odie reporting in from Wilmer, Alabama. Last Sunday it rained so much I thought we would have floated away by now. I am happy the water dried up and no ark was needed. 

We have a wonderful week at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. The services of the revival were encouraging. It is always a blessing to our family to be with Apostile Donald C. Williamson and the precious people here!

Tomorrow morning is Homecoming at 10:30AM. We are anticipating a great service and a delicious meal afterwards. I love the church dinners here! These people know how to make a scrumptious feast. After dinner we will go back in the church and sing for a while.

It has been great to see many friends from the area churches this week. Thanks to everyone who supported revival with your fellowship! We are privileged to have so many super friends! A huge surprise and highlight for me this week is to see my my friends Cheyenne and Kodi Whorton.

Cheyenne Duncan is originally from Tanner Williams. We have been good friends for several years. In 2011 Cheyenne married Zane Whorton and moved to Virginia. I have only been able to see Cheyenne and Zane a few times since they married. I am thankful we have kept in touch through text messages and calls.

Last year they called asking me if I wanted to be Auntie to their little baby. As an only child so far my nieces and nephews have to be adopted. I am honored to be Auntie O! Almost seven months ago Kodi Laine Whorton was born. I have wanted to meet her for months. I was supposed to see them this spring in Virginia but I was terribly sick that week!  I was so disappointed I missed seeing Cheyenne, Zane and Kodi, but I definitely did not want to pass that sickness to them!

Last Sunday I was sitting on the church pew before Sunday School when Sis. Laurie Duncan brought me this beautiful baby girl.

I was so excited that Odie and Kodi could finally meet! Oh my goodness, Kodi is so precious! I have loved getting to know her this week.

As you can see she loves riding in my wheelchair.

I am so glad it worked out for Cheyenne and Kodi to visit their family during Homecoming Revival! It has been great to catch up with my friend again face to face! If you read this Zane, thanks for letting them come, and I did miss getting to see you!

I will close with two more pictures of Kodi. I love it that she likes it when Dad has her. She likes playing with ears.  

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. Odie, what precious pictures! Looks like she also likes your dad Davy! We are continuing to pray for you and your family. I know God will continue to bless your miniostry. Love you all!! Tom

    1. Thanks for reading Bro. Tom! Hope you all are well.


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