Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Happy 30th Birthday Odie, Cake Included!

Yesterday's post was Odie's 30th birthday post and last night we surprised her after church with a cake.

We also asked some friends and family to send birthday greetings by video and before we sang Happy Birthday to her we let the Isaacs sing to her. I think Odie was surprised and I know she was thrilled. She squealed with delight.

She received lots of videos. Some were more personal and others were more for public consumption. Five of them sang to her and they were all very special! Here are some screen shots from the singing.

Back at the bus she opened her presents and we watched her videos several times. We definitely have some funny, creative and loving friends and family.

We appreciate Sis. Kim Morris picking up Odie's cake and bringing it to church tonight. No cakes in Millry and we had no way to hide it from Odie anyway. Thanks Sis. Kim and Rylee.

Thank you all for reading and making Odie's 30th Birthday so special!


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  1. I'm so glad you day was special and we still have some celebrating to do when you get to California! Looks like you got some great birthday singing--so I'll spare the singing and give you a big hug/gift when you get here. I thank God everyday for the special friend that He has given me in you. Love you so much and see you soon!



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