Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Revival In Pictures - Atwater, California

Monday Kelly Jo and Odie took Regan Morris back to the airport in Fresno. She needed to be at the airport by 12:00 and it is only about an hour drive but they left before 7:00 AM. The reason they left so early was so they could take Regan up into the edge of King's Canyon to see some huge sequoia trees including General Grant. They had a great little trip and snapped some super pictures. I will try to post them tomorrow.

After lunch they took Regan to the airport got her loaded up and waited until her plane left. She made her connection fine and she was safe in the arms of her parents by late Monday night. I know it was a very long travel day for Regan. We sure are thankful she made the effort to come to California and see us. God bless you, Regan. Thanks to Bro. Scott and Sis. Kim for allowing her to come. It may have been harder on GrandMomma Joan to allow Regan to travel so far. She made it Sis. Joan! Thank you for trusting us.

I tried to stay as inactive as I could on Monday and I pretty much succeeded. I could not sleep after KJ left but I did read and rest most of the time they were gone. Bro. Jared brought tacos for lunch so we sat in the fellowship hall and visited a few hours. When the girls arrived home they rested a bit and then we visited with Bro. Jared's family and his Mom and Dad. 

We laughed until we about cried most of the evening. We always have a great time with these friends and it is sad to say good bye when we leave them. Hopefully we will get to see them again before we leave the state. We will be within 100 miles for the next two weeks and in California that is local fellowship.

We rested well Monday night. (I am writing this late Tuesday night and I have faith we will rest well gain.) Kelly Jo is feeling a little puny as Odie and I try to recover. We are working hard to keep Kelly Jo well because if she gets sick then the wheels on this machine grind to a halt. It is important that we are physically, emotionally and spiritually prepared as we can for revival. When we are sick that takes a little extra effort. Thanks for praying for us all.

We had some business to take care of Tuesday morning. After that was finished we loaded up and moved the BoggsMobile and Green Machine about 100 miles south to be in position for our next revival beginning Sunday. We intend to be as rested as we can between now and then. Once we crank back up Sunday we have 16 services scheduled in the next 13 days so we want to be able to run!

We have one more large set of pictures to show you from revival at Amazing Grace Holiness Tabernacle in Atwater, California. These are from Thursday, Friday and Sunday. I hope you enjoy.


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