Saturday, October 31, 2015

I Don't Have A Prayer Without You

A Brief Interruption From Davy

We had a last minute change of plans Friday. We ate lunch, went to the airport and turned in the rental car only to find that our flight was delayed by nearly two hours. There were severe storms in Dallas where we were making our connection so there was no way to get there before the only flight left for Mississippi.

The airline tried to connect us a dozen different ways but there was no way to do it. The airline had already reserved seats for us on Saturday's flights and that turned out to be our only viable option.

Since the flights were rescheduled before we left Fresno the airlines were not responsible for putting us up for the night. However I must give kudos to American Airlines for going the extra mile and making an exception for us. They put us in a very nice Best Western across the street and we had a very nice afternoon and evening.

Now we are supposed to catch our flight shortly after noon today and if all goes well we should be back at the BoggsMobile in Mississippi late tonight. We were planning to begin revival in Elba, Alabama Sunday morning. We are not going to make it by then but Pastor Jon Isaacs was very understanding. We will get there as soon as we can.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming.


Odie's Saturday Post

Hey Friends,

We had an excellent week in California. I love being with all our friends. California is one of the hardest places to leave. I always look forward to our next visit. I am sure we will be back again soon if God allows it.

Let's talk about songs. We are always looking for new songs that minister to us and will minister to others. It is so difficult to find songs that are right. Every once in a while we run across perfection and we sing it forever. The song I Don't Have a Prayer Without You is one of those songs for us. It is one of our most requested songs. 

We have recorded it twice. In 2006 on Simple Truth (project now unavailable)

In 2010 we recorded it on Having Church Live In California (project can be ordered online)

My Uncle Jay and Aunt Theresa bought this Jeff and Sheri Easter project for my 14th birthday in 1999. 

Not only is it one of my favorite Jeff and Sheri projects, but track number 4 changed my life. The moment I heard Don't Have a Prayer Without You, I knew it was a song I had to sing. It is hard for me to believe we have sang the song for 16 years. That is now over half my life.

At 14 I did not fully understand life, like I thought I did. Now at 30 I have experienced a lot more of life. It has been quite an adventure. Whatever lies ahead I truly know God is our only hope and I do not have a chance without Him.

In 16 years the message of the song is still true. Not only have the words encouraged me but many others have drawn encouragement from the the powerful message of this song. 

I will close this post with the lyrics. I hope you have a great weekend. Remember our strength comes from the Lord.


I Don't Have a Prayer Without You
Bruce Haynes, 1999 Haynesongs, Willow Branch/BMI

Verse 1

Sometimes I feel like there's no way out
And my heart begins to doubt Your amazing grace
But I know that Your Word is true
You somehow have always seen me through
Through my darkest days


I don't have prayer without You
I don't have a chance without You
Lord I need You here tonight
Won't you please hold me tight
Make my heart true
Cause I don't have a prayer without You

Verse 2

Sometimes life feels like a ball and chain
And I become a slave to old memories
But I know that You've forgiven me
You gave your life at Calvary
Just to set me free



Lord You're everything I need
So take what's left of me
Make me what I ought to be
So You can use me
Lord don't You see


I don't have a prayer without You
No I don't have a prayer without You

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