Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Taking The Tent Down In Millry

This is Tuesday and we are supposed to fly from Mississippi to Fresno, California this afternoon. We have one stop and then we should be in Fresno by evening. We have a rental car scheduled and we will probably go straight to the motel. 

The campmeeting begins Tuesday night but our first service to attend will be Wednesday morning. We are supposed to sing and preach on Thursday night and we are looking forward to the whole meeting. It should be a great trip.

Most of the posts this week will be predominately pictures. Wednesday will probably be travel pictures and the rest of the week we will post campmeeting pictures as we do during most campmeetings. We are looking forward to a great move of God and wonderful fellowship this week. We will bring you there through the pictures.


I was outside early on Saturday preparing the tent for coming down, strapping the chairs in the trailer and organizing the trailer too. It took me about two hours to get everything finished working at a leisurely pace. I love working out there early on a cool morning.

Right before the help arrived at 1:00 PM I disconnected the electric and water so the BoggsMobile would be ready to go. I had about 80' of cord to the bus and two runs of 150' to the tent. I also had 150' (6 - 25' hoses) of water hose stretched out. I also had a 50' cord under the tent to the lights and the tent trailer was plugged in too. That's a lot of cords and hoses.

Speaking of cords, I had an unusual thing happen this week. There was a large dog in the neighborhood. I saw him making his rounds in town every day. Thursday evening right before church, Pastor Lamar Chapman noticed the dog had a cord in his mouth pulling on it. It was my big $150+ cord going to the bus. We ran him off before he got the shock of his life.

The next morning some of my speaker cords that we leave hanging in the tent were strewn around. The excess cord is wrapped neatly every night and is placed in a chair. The cords were a mess and I could not figure out why. Kelly Jo noticed later that one of the 50' cords was bit in two! The rotten scoundrel! Friday was the only day I did not see that dog. It might be a good thing he did not show up Friday.

Taking The Tent Down

Even though the temperature was struggling to hit 70 early Saturday afternoon we had lots of sunshine and plenty of wind. The tent was dry and the grass was dry. We were able to get the tent down and packed away completely dry and I am very thankful for that.

We had lots of help for the take down including folks from Sand Ridge Church and Red Creek Church. That really makes us feel good when folks want to help. The Midway Church was there in force as well and the tent was down and the trailer ready to roll in just over 30 minutes.

Here is our great crew!

It sure looks empty without the Blue and White Gospel tent.

Bro. Hunter pulled the trailer to the parking lot for me and soon we were ready to go.

That wraps up our last tent revival for 2015. I am always glad to pack the tent away at the end of the season but I will be itching to go in about 30 days. I love reaching for folks under the tent. I am very, very thankful that God has placed us in this ministry! The next time the tent goes up we should be gearing up for a year of City Reach. We are very excited about that!

Thanks for reading.


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