Sunday, August 31, 2014

View Out The Front Window August 31, 2014

We had a wonderful week in London, Kentucky. Kelly Jo and I have known Bro. Lester Carpenter and his family since we were teenagers. We consider it a great honor and privilege to put up the Gospel tent at his church and join with them to reach the lost in their community. We have fallen in love with the folks from Liberty Pentecostal Church and we look forward to seeing them again soon.

We took the tent down Friday night after church and I will try to post a few pictures of the process Monday morning. We had a very heavy dew Friday night and normally I would not have been able to take down the tent until it dried Saturday. Since we are putting it right back up tomorrow it was OK to take it down wet.

This was our view out the front window while in London.

And the view from the front door.

After a few very rushed weeks and with the tent going up again Monday morning our goal for Saturday and Sunday was and is to rest as much as possible. We took our time leaving London Saturday morning and then drove a few hours to a top secret and highly secure location. 

We plan to stay here until this afternoon and then we will finish the trip to Bristol, Virginia.

This is our view this morning from the front door.

And this is our view our the front window.

As you can see only a few thousand RVs know where we are this morning. Thanks for reading.


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