Monday, August 11, 2014

From The Ocean to The Mountains

We left Rockland early Friday morning and drove two hours along the curvy coast of Maine on our way to see the town of Bar Harbor. Bar Harbor is on Mount Desert Island along with Acadia National Park. 

I honestly knew none of that before Thursday night. I just knew Bar Harbor was one of the places you are supposed to see when you go to Maine. Wow! Is it ever something to see!

We first turned in the entrance of Acadia National Park just a few miles after crossing onto the island. One of the first overlooks sits above Frenchman Bay. 

Cadillac Mountain/Acadia National Park

The next major stop was Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. 
It is only about 1500 feet above sea level but if offers an incredible view of the surrounding islands, bays and ocean. 

Then we drove the loop of Acadia National Park it is absolutely beautiful. 

Bar Harbor

Then we headed into the town of Bar Harbor. Like Camden and Rockland Bar Harbor is a town that reminds me of Gatlinburg with a harbor. 

It is gorgeous!

Blueberry soft serve. 

Maine and Into New Hampshire

Then we headed cross country toward Vermont. We drove hard the rest of the day and finally landed in a roadside motel in Gorham, New Hampshire. 

Our lodging options were very limited going through the mountains of western Maine and into New Hampshire. We were enjoying the drive as Kelly Jo looked up motels and called them when we had signal. Nothing was available. 

She finally found a motel in Gorham. It was not much to look at and was over priced but it was reasonably clean and the beds were good. It smelled pretty strong like a very recent treatment of bug spray but on the bright side, there were no bugs. 

I was able to sleep really good and woke up about 6:00 Saturday feeling very rested. It may have been the best night's sleep I have had on this trip. Maybe bug spray helps me sleep. 

Awesome Mountains

The rest of the trip through New Hampshire and the north to Lowell, Vermont was breathtakingly beautiful. I had always heard how beautiful it is up here and it is all true. We love this part of the country already. 

We arrived at the tent about 1:00 and then we to Pastor David DiZazzo's house to meet him and his family. Most readers are familiar with Pastor John DiZazzo that we preach for in Wichita. Pastor David is Pastor John's baby brother. They were raised in Vermont and Bro. David is the pastor of Lowell Congregational Church. 

Pastor John and his wife are here as well so we are having one big family reunion this weekend. I will have more about the DiZazzo's and tent revival tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 


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