Thursday, August 7, 2014

Travel Day, Seafood and a Light House

We started Wednesday back at CDB to meet Sis. Esther again.

Kelly Jo loaded up in Esther's van and Odie and I followed them north toward Maine. It was less than an hours drive to Kittery, Maine and Warren's Lobster House. The DiZazzo' and several other folks highly recommended Warren's and we were excited to give it a try.

The advertise a fresh salad bar and fresh seafood and they deliver on both. The salad bar is not the biggest in the world although it is big for this part of the world. Everything on it was really fresh and we all really liked it.

The seafood was excellent. KJ and Esther hand fried haddock, Odie had a shrimp pasta dish and I had a baked haddock crusted with crab. We all enjoyed it very much.

Before Esther turned back toward Boston she took us north to York to visit Nubble Light House.

The light house is actually on an Island. I am posting lots of pictures because it was beautiful. Google "Nubble Light House images" for some unbelievable pictures.

I was trying to get Esther to smile and I ended up getting her tickled. It was so funny at the moment.

Then we had some awesome ice cream just up the road.

We said goodbye to Esther and then we headed north to Camden, Maine for the night. We hated to leave Esther but she is going to Vermont this weekend for the tent revival services there. That is going to be great.

We pulled into Camden about 7:30. This is a gorgeous seaside town. It was getting dark when we arrived but we hope to explore a little before we backtrack a few miles to Rockland this morning.

Today we hope to spend some time with the Millikin family before we move on. They are here preparing to begin tent revival Friday night. It is going to be so good to see them. I will try to get some good pictures of them.

I am posting the blog each day on this trip from my phone and iPad. There are lots of things that are difficult to do in Blogger without my laptop so I hope it is formatting correctly. Kelly Jo shot two short clips with her phone of the water by the Light House and they look great on her phone. I tried to post them below but I can not tell if they are showing up or not. I hope they do.


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