Friday, August 8, 2014

Coastal Maine And The Millikin's

We spent the night Wednesday in a little cottage type motel north of Camden, Maine. It was old and small but very clean, safe and in a beautiful part of the country. Thursday morning we drove less than a mile up the road to a state park. We drove to a lookout to view the harbor and surrounding area. 

It was gorgeous down at the water but a little hazy up there. It was still breathtakingly beautiful though.

The town below is the little harbor town of Camden. It is like a miniature version of Gatlinburg on the coast.

Kelly Jo took some pictures with the external zoom on her iPhone. 

Kelly Jo spotted and photographed a very rare camoflauged Odius Podius iPhonius in its natural habit.  (Speaking with a Aussie accent)  Wow! Look at the size of it. Isn't it beautiful? What an awesome creature. I've rarely seen one of those in the wild!

The picture below was taken with the zoom from the harbor. It is the same rock as the one in the picture above.

This is the whole lookout from below in the harbor. This picture is zoomed in quite a bit too.

This is the harbor we were taking pictures of from the lookout mountain. It is the beautiful city of Camden.

Bilbo Baggins gets a visit from Odie the Hobbit.

Sorry, Odie. I could not resist this picture.

After lunch we drove just a few miles south to Rockland. 

At 4:00 we met the Millikin's at the Lobster Pound for dinner. We had not seen them since PFYC and it was good to spend a few hours with them. We had a great meal and a great visit with our dear friends.

A storm blew up while we were eating and it was beautiful.

Then we followed the Millikin's back to Rockland where they are preparing to begin tent revival this weekend. Bro. And Sis. Catalano pastor here in Rockland. We met them 11 1/2 years ago in Florida. We were preaching revival down there and they were on vacation. They are super people. The Tent Revival is is being held at the Catalano's church.

The Reynolds family from Portland Maine are supplying the whole tent setup and helping put on the meeting too. They have been sponsoring and holding tent revivals for decades.

Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Shauna treated us to some of their favorite ice cream. It was delicious!

Sis. Shauna sent us a few pictures too.

We had a great evening spending time with dear friends, renewing old friendships and making new friends. I wish we had more time to stay. It would be great to attend tent revival and there are so many other things to see in this area. But we must press on to the tent revival in Vermont.

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