Friday, August 1, 2014

New York City

We are in New York, New York! Well at least we are during the day. We are staying across the river in Secaucus, New Jersey at night. Watching us make the trip into NYC and back via shuttle, train and subway has got to be hilarious! We do not have a clue how to find the right track, how to pay, where to get off or how to get to street level when we do. It is a riot.

Some how we are making it and probably entertaining the locals while we are at it. Some of them have been very helpful though.

We are all taking lots of pictures. I will try to get them posted early next week. I have a couple I will share now. I took these pictures Thursday night. The first one is the Statue of Liberty on the left and the Freedom Tower on the right. It looks like they are leaning toward each other.

The second one is Kelly Jo and Odie with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

We have tickets for the new 9/11 Museum today at 12:30. I am really looking forward to seeing it. I am sure it will be a sobering experience for all of us. We will take all the pictures we can there too.

I have a few pictures from this past Sunday night. We closed revival Sunday morning so we drove about an hour to Athens, Tennessee to hear the Isaacs. They were them awesome selves and we enjoyed it tremendously. We very seldom have a night off and are near the Isaacs at the same time so it's really neat that it has happened twice in 60 days. It was a great night!

Odie plans to post about the Isaacs tomorrow so I will leave you with just a few pictures. Thanks for reading.


They were singing to an overflow crowd so they turned and sang to the folks sitting in the choir section a few times.


  1. Sounds like you are all having a ball. Safe travels in a very busy city...

  2. Oh my goodness, I am soooo jealous! New York City is somewhere i've always wanted to go! You guys have fun and post lots of pictures. By the way, Bro. Davy, Kim got your message and he only preached about 30 minutes at Dodds wednesday night. :)

    1. I heard it was closer to 45 minutes. Maybe Bro. Kim needs a new watch! Lol



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