Sunday, August 10, 2014

View Out The Front Window August 10, 2014

Make sure you check out Odie's post from yesterday. Service under the tent last night was exciting. We are looking forward to great things today. Thanks for praying for us. 

We have been living out of suit cases this week so our view has been a blurry shuffle of hotel rooms. Not very exciting but it's been our view for the week. The food, fun, friends, fellowship and frivolity has been very exciting though. Check back through the posts the last several days to catch up if you have missed anything. I will try to post the events from the weekend on Monday and Tuesday.

This is the view out the front door and front window in our little cottage hotel north of beautiful Camden, Maine.

This is our view from the window of our room in Rockland, Maine. We could barely see the bay. It was so nice. 

This is the view from our door in Gorham, New Hampshire.

And our window.

This is our view from our awesome hotel in Vermont. We will post more about this place later. 

From the window. 

From the door. (That's for you Bro. Scott)

I hope you have a super great Sunday. 


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