Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tent Revival In Pictures - Lowell, Vermont

We have had a wonderful time in Lowell, Vermont reuniting with old friends and rejoicing with new friends. Pastor David DiZazzo and his wife and the great folks from Lowell Congregational Church opened their hearts and welcomed us in with open arms. We have enjoyed ourselves so much and we look forward to more great fellowship in the future.

As our readers know, we love tent revival. We love taking the Gospel outside the four walls of the church and reaching for those that are not coming into our beautiful buildings. It is always a blessing.

This tent revival had added blessings for us in two ways.  Number one, I was not responsible for the tent set up, maintenance and tear down. Number two, I was able to sit back and enjoy the preaching. Now, I love to preach. There is no doubt about that. I especially love to preach under a tent. But I love to hear preaching too. Pastor John DiZazzo from Wichita, Kansas was preaching this tent revival. Kelly Jo, Odie and I were responsible for leading the worship, singing several songs each service and then singing in the altar service.

Of course you know I preached in between songs too! We had a wonderful time and we felt well received by all the folks. It has been tremendous. 

I will allow the pictures to tell the rest of the story as I usually do in the Revival In Pictures posts. I hope you enjoy. 


Pastor David DiZazzo, Davy and Pastor John DiZazzo

The Guest of Honor

That's some hog!

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