Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tent Revival In Progress - London, Kentucky

We have had three super great services under the Blue and White Gospel Tent at Liberty Pentecostal Tabernacle in London, Kentucky. Pastor Carpenter and his folks are coming each night ready to have church. They are praising God from the very beginning and that is key in tent revival. There have been people in the altar seeking God and God has been blessing and helping. Praise God for His help.

All three of us are getting a few pictures each night and I am sure we will try to post them later in the week.

We have a few pictures from the tent set up Saturday afternoon. It was so hot and humid but these folks really worked hard. We took pretty frequent water breaks and we got it up without anybody passing out. I say it often that tent revival is not a one man show and putting the tent up ought to be proof of that. I can not do it on my own. Thankfully there are churches that are willing to put their shoulder to the wheel and get the job done.

It is always worth the effort and this week is no exception. There are three more scheduled services this week and we are expecting many more folks to be saved. Please pray with us.


First, six pictures of before and after the tent. 

The set up began at 4:00 PM. Kelly Jo and I had laid out the stake pattern earlier in the day. All we had to do was drag out the stakes and big hammers and get to work.

I used my new Bosch hammer drill and 36" bit for the first time Saturday. Bro. Carpenter and his folks bought this lot next to the church a few years ago and filled it in. The big drill cut right through it.

One of our water breaks.

When we are on rough ground, pavement or gravel we always put down plastic to save wear and tear on the tent.

Some of the crew left before the picture but we sure appreciate all of the hard work.

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