Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Travel Day and Bro. Shobanke

Monday was a travel day. I left Dodds church near Waynesville in the BoggsMobile about 12:15 PM. I was hoping I would have time to stop at Acapulco for lunch before leaving but that did not happen. That is OK, I will be back soon. I stayed on the road most of the time only stopping twice. I stopped at a rest area near Lexington, KY and then to get fuel on the south side of Jellico Mountain in Tennessee.

Traffic was heavy from Waynesville to south of Cincinnati then really heavy again in Knoxville. Most of the rest of the day the traffic was light to moderate. Not too bad to travel at all. I pulled into Vonore, Tennessee about 6:20 a little over 325 miles later. 

After getting unhooked and parked and catching my breath I gave the BoggsMobile a good scrubbing. It needed it very badly. I drove in the rain two weeks in a row but then both times I parked on gravel/dirt and I could not wash the bus. Washing it on gravel/dirt makes a mud puddle and then everything is worse.

I am parked on pavement here and close to the water spigot so a bath was in order.

I should pull into the shop first thing this morning.

I mentioned in February in THIS POST about trying to help finish Pastor Stephen Kuye's church in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. We have not been able to save much of the money needed but we have been able to save some. Some of you sent some for the church and we appreciate that as well. I was hoping to have it all while Bro. Shobanke is in the states but we are planning to go to Nigeria in December so maybe we can take more then.

The amount we had for the church we sent to Bro. Shobanke yesterday along with some money to help pay the principals salary at the Christian school and a little for Bro. Shobanke. Pastor Stacy Holden from Shreveport, LA called today to tell me they are trying to help Bro. Shobanke buy a church van and a car. Bro. Shobanke told me he had money set aside for those two needs and some of the brothers in Bro. Holden's area are going to help raise the rest.

If you would like to help with that let me know.

God bless you all.


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