Monday, June 2, 2014

Travel Days, Isaacs and A Great Sunday

Saturday morning started pretty early. Somebody else had the old Springville gym rented and I needed to get the trailer and BoggsMobile out of the way before they were boxed in. Pastor Lakes helped me get the trailer into position and then Kelly Jo helped me get it all hooked up and away we went.

Since we were not going directly toward Tennessee for revival I was unsure which direction to go. However I knew the Isaacs were in Richmond Saturday night and we really wanted to go there. It is hard to make plans until the tent is down and packed away dry but since all that was taken care of Friday night I pointed the BoggsMobile toward Richmond, Indiana.

We stopped at Flying J in Indianapolis to empty the holding tanks and then hopped on I-70 east bound. We only went a few miles and saw signs warning us that all eastbound lanes were closed due to an accident. We scoped out the best route around and turned off the interstate. It was very slow going because of heavy traffic plus it had some very tight turns and construction. All the trucks were with us so we were not the only ones taking it easy through the turns and lane closures on the detour route.

We lost at least an hour but we still made it to Richmond in time to eat a late lunch with friends and family. We had a wonderful meal and visit at Frisch's then we rush backed to the BoggsMobile to get ready for the evening. We really enjoyed the Isaacs Saturday night. It was so much fun. I posted a short clip of them yesterday.

I planned to drive toward home afterward but honestly after tent revival and taking down the tent Friday night I was spent. We were comfortable where we were parked at the truck stop so we just went to bed. I planned to get up Sunday morning and mosey into Ohio. But I did NOT plan to get up at 5:20 AM. So much for sleeping in! I got up and studied and prepared for preaching as I normally do on Sunday morning but I did let the girls rest some.

We are dropping the trailer in Ohio for three weeks. Our next tent revival is scheduled for Goshen, Ohio the 4th Sunday in June. After the trailer was in place and the Green Machine unloaded we went to Acapulco for lunch with my parents, Steve, Karen, Deidre, Cousin Lisa and Baby Lauren. Wow! Have I ever mentioned how good the salsa is at Acapulco? Man Alive! That stuff is good enough to drink.

Sunday night I was preaching at Corwin Pentecostal Church. I was not sure what to do but after wrestling with it for a while on Saturday I decided to go to Corwin. We were just there several weeks ago for a service but I felt like we needed to be there Sunday night. Pastor Acy Lamb has propped the door wide open for us and I really do appreciate that.

As it turns out, we had a wonderful altar service. I believe that God spoke to us during the preaching and the folks really responded well. I appreciate them responding to us and to God's spirit.

We also happened to be there on Pastor Acy Lamb's 73rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Bro. Acy!

We were blessed to see some old friends at Corwin Sunday night. Bro. James and Sis. Tara McCoy and their family were there. It has been many years since we have seen the whole family together. 

Sis. Tara was raised in the Corwin church but they have lived away for most of their adult lives. Bro. James and Sis. Tara are pioneering a holiness church in Castle Rock, Colorado which is a southern suburb of Denver. It was super great to see them and we will certainly be praying for Liberty Holiness Tabernacle. We wholeheartedly believe in the need for new churches and love to help them when we can.

That was our weekend. Today I plan to leave for Vonore, Tennessee. I am taking the bus for some work that I had schedule to coincide with revival at Beechfork. Revival has been canceled due to Pastor Herman Woods being in rehab because of a stroke. But the work on the BoggsMobile still needs to be completed. I am sure that will take up the bulk of my posts here the next few days.

I hope you had a great Sunday. I will leave you with a picture taken by Sis. Crystal Lamb Sunday night. She was kind enough to share it with us.


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