Monday, June 16, 2014

A BIG Sunday!

Sunday was a super great day. For us it was Father's Day and Pastor Appreciation at Dryden Rd. What a great combination. We started  the day with a picture of me and my girl on our way to church. One of her presents for me was a new hat.

Then we had a great Father's Day service at Dryden Rd. God really moved in the altar service and brought conviction to the lost. Some prayed and some did not but it was good to feel the Father reaching for lost children. Praise God for His touch.

Honoring the fathers.

We grabbed a bucket of grilled chicken from KFC and spent a few minutes with my Dad and some of the family in the afternoon. They were bringing KFC to Dad's barn for Father's Day. We did not stay as long as we would have liked but it was great to be with Dad on his special day and to visit with family for a little while.

We drove back to the bus because I was feeling the pressure of being ready for Bro. Bennie's Pastor Appreciation service. It was a really sweet service. They had a few of the church members say something about the Sutherlands and they all did a good job.

It was an honor for us to be asked to sing and preach in the service. We have taken part in Pastor Appreciation services all over this country and we have enjoyed every one of them. But this one was really special. God has used Bro. Bennie and Sis. Jane to affect our lives for the good in so many areas. Thank God for a Pastor that will love us enough to preach the truth without fear or favor.

We love and appreciate the Sutherland family more than we can say. 

It all made for an exciting and busy Sunday. Tonight we will have revival at Dryden Rd and will be in revival through Thursday night by God's grace. Please come and visit us if you have a chance. It starts at 7:30 each night.

Thanks for reading.


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