Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ohio Family Pictures

Hey y'all! 

Odie checking in today. We had a wonderful week at Dryden Road Pentcostal Church. I love being at the home church!

This turned out to be an extremely busy week for us.  I had my appointment with the neurologist on Tuesday. It went very well. It feels very good to have a plan in place now. They are wanting to check for underlying causes of the Optic Neuritis  and just keep a check on it for a while. 

Thursday I had to go to the hospital for a Lumbar Puncture (Spinal Tap). It was uncomfortable at times, but Praise God it went smoothly!  I will have the test results in a few days. Also my neurologist is trying to schedule a few other tests. I am not sure when I will be able to get those done. 

Today is tent setup day in Goshen, Ohio. If you are in the area please come be with us under the blue and white gospel tent. We start at 5:00 on Sunday and 7:30 Monday through Friday.

Now for today's pictures.  Here are a bunch of different pictures I had on my phone from our time in Ohio recently. It has been great to catch up with several family members and spend time with them. Y'all have a great weekend. 


My baby Luke :)

Skyline 3Way. Yum! I have to have a food picture in a blog post!

Papaw took us shopping. Here are a couple pics of him waiting on us. 

Waiting in Walmart with Morgan 

Mom and I were able be there for Seth's 7th birthday party. 


They had fun decorating the cake as you can see. 




Mom and Gran

Kim and me

Corwin Tractor Parade

Deidre selfie 


Luke played the guitar and sang for me and Mamaw. I am so proud of him. 

June 12th was Mamaw and Papaw's 51st wedding anniversary. Mom, Dad, myself and Jonas joined them in a meal at Olive Garden to celebrate. 

Dodds VBS

Pastor Kelly Rogers

It was great to see my cousin Xavier at his brother Caleb's graduation party. We have always been buddies.

Congratulations Caleb

Deidre Lisa and I were able to enjoy some girl time. We had a blast spending time together. 

I love this girl so much!! I am always so glad to get to see Jacqueline. 

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