Thursday, June 5, 2014

Taking the Tent Down In Springville, Indiana

I appreciate Odie posting for me yesterday. I am staying pretty busy in Tennessee so her post was a big help. Mr. Jeff Rowe and his guys worked on the BoggsMobile all day again Wednesday. They are pretty close to wrapping the work up. They worked until about 6:30 last night and then I pulled the bus outside for the night. They lock the gates when they leave so it very peaceful at night.

Odie told you I went to Knoxville to see Pastor Herman Woods in the hospital Tuesday. I went back up Wednesday. It was good to see Bro. Herman and Sis. Margaret. They said it is amazing how much progress Bro. Herman has made and the Dr. said he should only be in rehab for about another week. Please continue to pray for them. I am believing that Bro. Herman will be able to preach again soon.

When I wrap up here in Tennessee I will write a comprehensive post about the work being done on the BoggsMobile with lots of pictures. Odie had sent in some pictures of the tent coming down last week and I have been meaning to post them. Today seems like a good day to do that.

We ended tent revival in Springville, Indiana last Friday night. We sure enjoyed joining with Pastor Dallas Lakes and the Tunnel Hill Church to reach out to the Springville community. I know that God will honor their efforts.

From the time we said "Amen" until everything was strapped down and ready to ride was only about 50 minutes. That included taking down the PA system, lights and wires, folding the shares, stacking them in the trailer and strapping them down, disassembling the platform and removing it, laying down the big plastic sheets to protect the tent from the gravel parking lot and then folding the plastic back up, taking down the tent and folding it up, removing the stakes, removing and folding the ratchet straps loading the tent, poles, straps in the trailer, loading the PA system in the bus and about 50 other things I have forgotten.

All that in 50 minutes. The Tunnel Hill folks like to work! We also had some visitors that night and they jumped in and helped too. That was very nice.

Odie snapped a few pictures of the tent coming down and the folks working. I will let you see those now. God bless you for reading.


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