Friday, June 27, 2014

Goshen Tent Revival In Pictures

It has been a great tent revival in Goshen, Ohio. Thank God for all of his help this week. Pastor Cornett and his congregation have worked so hard and have been faithful reaching out to this community. God has honored their faithfulness and many of the folks they have been working with have prayed this week. It has been a pleasure to join with them in this revival.

Thursday night we had more people in the altar that had never been there before. It was great to see God touching lives. We have one more night tonight and we are expecting more folks to be saved. The tent will come down after church by God's grace and then we will move on to our next revival. We will try to post pictures from tonight some time next week.

For now I leave you with Tent Revival In Pictures. I hope you enjoy them.


Dad and Mom brought me some drinkable salsa from Acapulco! Hallelujah!

Getting saved before service Wednesday night.

The man's dog looking on. The old timers used to say that if you really get saved it will make such a drastic change in you that even your dog will know it. This dog witnessed it!

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  1. God is so good!!!!
    Von, Alicia, Brianna, Rylan and Ayden


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