Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tent Goes Up In Goshen, Ohio

God blessed us with another wonderful tent revival service Monday night. Two young men prayed for salvation and said God saved them. Praise God for his mercy. We had storms headed our way during service but they went around us. We are very grateful for that as well. There is a high percentage of storms in the forecast Tuesday but we are praying they move around us too.

We had a great tent set up on Saturday. Bro. Cornett's people showed up in droves plus my Bro. Steve came and brought his whole family. My Mother was there working as well. We had plenty of help and that makes things go so much better. I appreciate all the enthusiastic help.

The stakes went in as easy as they ever have. The yard we are set up in has deep plush grass and very soft dirt. We pushed a few of them most of the way in the ground with our hands. The soft ground makes the stakes more vulnerable to moving in high wind and rain but it sure makes the set up easier.

Here are a few before and after pictures from nearly the same places. The first two I am standing close to the tongue of the tent trailer.

These are from several feet back.

These are from the road. You can see the first row of trailers in the background.

Here is the location of the tent in relation to the trailers in the park. The blue dot marks the spot of the Blue and White Gospel Tent.

Here is most of the set up crew. A couple of the men got away before pictures.

Be sure to click on this one to see it bigger. We captured some great funny faces.

The actual set up pictures were taken by three different iPhones and they are not in consecutive order. It was a foggy, humid morning so the pictures are not that bright anyway. Some of the pictures were taken with a phone that has a Lifeproof case so I think they have an extra layer of "fuzzy" on them.

See what I mean about the pictures not being in order? The tent is up and now we are back to drive stakes.

This is a near perfect location for a tent revival. We have great visibility from a very busy Hwy 28 AND we are in a community with well over 400 homes! What a great potential to reach people with the Gospel message. You can feel the excitement building every night. Keep praying for us.


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