Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Little Catch Up

We are playing catch up on several fronts this week so this post will bring you up to date on several little things.

1. I am still working on the BoggsMobile. I am having trouble getting a pin out of a part and have been stuck at that point since Monday. I have somebody coming to help today and I will give you a full update on that when it is finished.

2. Kelly Jo and I were planning to spend a couple of days by ourselves this week to celebrate our anniversary. Our anniversary is over two weeks away but we will be in revival that week. Since this week was canceled this looked like a good time. We did not feel like we could leave with the bus problem unresolved so we are sitting tight a few days.

3. The down time has not been wasted. Odie has written her part for her On The Road Again newsletter and Kelly Jo and I have been trying to do our part. We have been working on that quite a bit this week. We are hoping to send out a letter concerning City Reach 2016 along with the regular newsletter. There are lots of churches that receive the newsletter and lots of folks in those churches are not online. Hopefully we can get that out next week.

4. Bro. Herman Woods was supposed to go home yesterday. Sis. Margaret said he still had some things to work on but they are all amazed at the progress he has made. He is still can not say all he wants to say but that he is doing great. We give God all the glory for helping Bro. Herman and Sis. Margaret. I know they are thrilled to be home after several weeks in the hospital and rehab. Please continue to pray for them.

5. Odie is doing great. Her vision is still good and we praise God for that. She has a neurologist appointment next week and another eye doctor appointment the end of June. We are looking forward to good reports. She has been relaxing (You should read that as being spoiled completely rotten) at my Dad and Mom's house. We joined them for lunch yesterday at Acapulco and she was looking good!

6. I mentioned some of our schedule in yesterday's post about Goshen Tent Revival but we actually have several meetings in this area. We have Pastor Appreciation and Revival at Dryden Rd June 15-19, Tent Revival in Goshen June 22-27 and Revival in Lebanon, Ohio at Anchor of Hope June 29-July 2. We will also be back in Ohio in August to preach the Homecoming service at Dodds August 17 and to attend Dryden Rd. Indoor Fellowship Meeting August 19-22.

You can access the full schedule HERE or by clicking on the picture of the BoggsMobile on the left side of the blog.

Thanks for reading and God bless you all.


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