Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Isaacs at First Baptist in Richmond Indiana

Hey! Happy Saturday!

This is Odie checking in today from Ohio. We have been spending time with family the last few days while Dad is tending to the BoggsMobile. I will try to post a few family pictures next week. I hope your week has been good. 

Last Saturday after we had been traveling a couple of hours dad asked me if I wanted to eat lunch at Frisch's with some friends. I quickly said, "Yes." When we made it to Frisch's I was greeted by Sonya and Ben Isaacs. Yes, my day was totally made!!  We had a great lunch catching up with the whole family. 

Later in the afternoon we were able to listen to sound check as the Isaacs prepared to sing that night. 

The church doors opened at 5:30 PM and the people poured in.  Around 400 people gathered to enjoy some wonderful singing and music. The church was pretty much full in 20 minutes and it did not start until 7:00.

At 7:00 P.M. The Isaacs took the stage. Words can not describe how awesome they sang that night.  From the first notes of "Walk On" to the grand finale of "I Will Praise Him" it was amazing!  There were so many high points in between that I can not write it all for you. 

Sonya's boy Ayden James Yeary. He is a smart little guy. He will be 3 on July 25th. 

Levi Bowman is Becky's 17 year old son. He graduated in December. He is super talented. 

Dad closed the evening in prayer. 

Angie Ramsey was one of Mom's childhood friends. It was good to see her and her Aunt Kim. 

Jacobi Bowman is Becky's 13 year old daughter. I am always glad to get to see her. 

I was so happy to see my family again!  Please keep them in your prayers. They are in the Holy Land right now. 

Aunt Lily is a wonderful lady! After many years of waiting, her autobiography is now available. I recommend it!  You can get it from the Isaacs at It is also on

Have a wonderful week. 


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