Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Help Finish Another Church in 2014

Bro. Kuye and Bro. Shobanke 2012

We met Bro. Stephen Kuye in 2007 during our first trip to Nigeria to preach for Bro. Shobanke. Bro. Kuye was an early convert under Bro. Shobanke's ministry and he has worked along side him for many years. He has pastored many years in the city of Ibadan. In 2009 we preached in his church on Sunday morning and then preached a Gospel Crusade behind his church for three nights.

We left the money that visit to complete the roof on their new church and in just a few weeks the roof was completed. 

In 2012 we were privileged to return to Ibadan to preach in the new church. Even though it is not completed it is a beautiful building and is being used to win souls to the kingdom of God.

Much more of the work has been completed in the time since we have been to Ibadan. We have been helping Bro. Kuye and little bit each year to complete his church. Last year he was able to install some of the doors with the money we sent.

I ask Bro. Kuye to figure for me how much money it would take to finish his church. He sent me an email this week with the estimate. I would like to raise the money to complete this church by this summer. 

We are working diligently toward that goal and saving as much as we can. Pastor Kuye and his folks are so close to finishing and I really want to be a part of it. Landmark Christ Mission is built right in the midst of a muslim neighborhood and 80% of the congregation are converted muslims. God is using Pastor Kuye and his church as a lighthouse in the middle of darkness and we praise God for it.

I want to see that go on and prosper. In fact I am determined to help complete their building and lighten their load so that they might focus on winning the lost. Here is what they need to finish.

-$700 to finish plastering the outside walls of the church. The inside walls are finished and ready for paint.

-$2000 for the ceilings to be completed.

-$2800 for the painting the church inside and out.

He said the doors are all completed and the windows are nearly completed. He did not give me an estimate on what it would take to complete the windows so I assume that is taken care of already.

The  church can be completed for $5500. If you would like to be a part of finishing Bro. Kuye's church please let me know. I would like to have the money in my hand by the first of June so that I could send it by Bro. Shobanke when he returns home from his visit here.

I know there is much work to be done for the kingdom of God and this is a small part of it. However I feel like it is a very important part of the work of God. These are people I know. I have witnessed their burden. I have felt their heartbeat. They are working in difficult and sometimes dangerous places and I believe they are worthy of a helping hand.

I intend to help if I can. God bless you for all that you have already done.


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