Friday, March 7, 2014

Travel Day-Mississippi to Florida

Our appointment in Pensacola was originally at 10:00 Thursday morning. That put us leaving Wednesday night after church or very early Thursday morning. Tuesday we found out the shop needed to shift us to Friday morning at 8:00. That gave us a nice leisurely morning on Thursday. I waited until the rain slowed down and then we prepared to leave.

Here is the BoggsMobile and the Green Machine hooked up and ready to go in front of White Plains Holiness Assembly about 11:30 Thursday morning. The Green Machine is ready to push.

We really enjoy parking at White Plains. It is so peaceful out there. It was a little sad to leave so soon. We have gotten used to living in or near the city and we love all the conveniences of city life, but we really, really love the country as well.

Although it was misting rain most of the day we had a really nice trip all the way to the east side of Mobile Bay. We stopped for dinner in Spanish Fort, Alabama and after that the rain really set in. Fortunately we only had about 40 more miles to drive at that point. The BoggsMobile is now parked in a rest area just west of Pensacola, Florida. It was raining way too hard for a picture when we arrived. We traveled about 235 miles today. I only have about 5 miles to drive this morning to reach the shop.

My plan is to spend the day with the BoggsMobile at the shop and Kelly Jo and Odie plan to spend the day doing some shopping. Hopefully the work will be completed by this evening and we will start out toward Allentown which is back on the other side of Mobile. We plan to park at Allentown so we can be in place for the camp meeting which starts Tuesday morning. We will drive the Green Machine to both services on Sunday and to service Monday night.

I hope you have a great weekend. God bless you all.


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