Monday, March 3, 2014

Travel Day and More Ellisville Pictures

Friday was awesome in Ellisville. We have more pictures from Friday night at the end of the post.

Saturday was a normal Saturday for us. Wake up, shake off the late Friday night, unhook the utilities, hook the Green Machine to the bus, get everything inside ready to ride, empty the holding tanks, drive and then do everything in reverse. Well, everything but refill the holding tanks.

I like those travel days to go off without surprises and that is exactly the way it happened. You may remember the BoggsMobile did not crank on our last travel day but everything was fine Saturday. I have been keeping track of the voltage on the batteries and all looks well. It may be that one of the batteries is weak but I will have to unhook all of them to find it.

Here we are as we prepared to leave Saturday morning.

The BoggsMobile and the Green Machine hooked up and ready to roll.

When we go through Meridian, Mississippi and have time we always take a stroll through Dirt Cheap. My stroll was very short and I came out empty handed.

Kelly Jo and Odie looked around a while and I noticed they had a couple of items in their hands as they headed back to the bus. I am not sure what they found but knowing those two is was something they could not live without and it was cheap. Probably dirt cheap.

We rolled into White Plains Holiness Assembly near Conehatta and Sebastopol, Mississippi just a little before dark. Bro. Ricky Boler was there to help us get settled in and wired up.

We had great services Sunday and we will be here through Wednesday by God's grace. We will try to post more pictures from White Plains before the week is over.

We have a few more pictures from revival at First Assembly in Ellisville, Mississippi. We sure had a wonderful time with Pastor Kenny Morris, Sis. Joan and their kind folks. Friday night was tremendous. God helped us all in some amazing ways. If any of you all are reading, THANK YOU for being so good to us. May God bless you for your response in revival.

Pastor Kenny Morris celebrated his 64th birthday Sunday and we were on hand to help with the cake a little early on Friday night. Happy birthday, Bro. Kenny!

Thank you all for reading. I hope you had a great Sunday.


Pastor Kenny Morris

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