Monday, March 17, 2014

A Wet Travel Day

Saturday was a travel day for the BoggsMobile. It is only 22 miles from Allentown Church to Forts Lake Assembly in Moss Point, Mississippi. The route runs through the woods on good roads with big wide turns. We had no time constraints on the day so we were all set for a smooth short travel day.

You know better than that, right? IF we had made the short trip early in the day it would have been fine. But since we had all day, I let the girls rest as much as they could Saturday morning before prepping things to leave. Just about the time I went outside to get things ready the sky opened up and dropped a bunch of water on top of us.

I rolled up the cords in the rain. I rolled up the drain hose in the rain. I loaded the wheel chair in the rain. I picked up all the boards in the rain. (I had used every board we own to get level.) I emptied the holding tanks in the rain. I drove in the rain. I parked in the rain. I leveled in the rain. I hooked up the electric in the rain.

My short travel day turned into a short but very, very, very wet travel day. I do have one consolation though. At least I am not pastoring a church! No, I have an additional consolation. I did not have to shovel snow! Praise God for that.

We started revival Sunday for Pastor Tim Cauley at Forts Lake Assembly. We have preached several revivals here and it is good to be back. We always have a great time here and it does not hurt that Sis. Ruthie Cauley is a fabulous cook!

Bro. Cauley had five young people associated with one family meet with him at the church Thursday afternoon to be saved. He talked with them and prayed with them and they all went away rejoicing.

Sunday morning they were all in service and in the altar praying again. It was glorious! They also had one more with them and he was saved Sunday morning. It was a great way to kick off revival! Sunday night was an awesome service from the very beginning. God certainly touched some folks in the altar service and we are all anticipating great things all week long. Thanks to those of you that pray for us regularly. God bless you for it.

We will have some pictures from Forts Lake by the end of the week. Have you looked at all the pictures from Allentown? The Allentown links are below.

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