Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fire and Fishing

Hey friends! Odie here again.

I can not believe we are already leaving Ellisville today. It has been wonderful to be with our Mississippi family once again!  We love the Morris family!!  This has been an exciting week in many ways. 

Monday's Adventure 

Monday was laundry day for us. The Washerteria is right next to the church so that makes the day a little easier. I enjoy getting to drive my scooter over to do laundry. We arrived got all the clothes loaded and we were ready to add money to the machines. Another couple came into with their laundry too. When they started their washer it made a loud noise and shot out flames.

It was a scary moment!!!  We could not find an emergency number for the owner or an emergency shutoff to the washer. The other lady called the fire department to come check it out. They came in and looked it over and soon we had the all clear from the firemen to continue laundry. Thank God for protecting us!!  It was an exciting couple hours. Here is a clip and  a few pics I took so I could share the experience with you. 

The culprit

Tuesday's Adventure

As Dad mentioned earlier in the week I was able to go fishing on Tuesday. I enjoy fishing from time to time. Thankfully I have wonderful friends who make fishing possible for me. That includes baiting the hook and getting the fish off the hook. 

Bro. Kenny Morris and Bro. Scott Morris took time out of their busy day to help me have a good time. Thank you both so much! Rylee Morris even let me fish in "her spot". Praise the Lord, we survived without hooking each other. Rylee and I are dangerous with sharp objects. We had a lot of laughs along the way. 

The grand total of fish that made it to the basket was 21, I had 10 and Rylee had 11. Several more fish had supper on our bait but we did not get them into the basket. Bro. Scott cleaned the fish and took them to his grandparents for dinner. 

Here are the fishing pictures. Thank you Mom and Dad for snapping them for me. I sure did not need to have my phone near the water. Have a wonderful weekend!


Dad and Bro. Toliver cheering us on. 

Cricket spill

The biggest catch of the day

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  1. That was a great post! I like the video format, maybe you could do a weekly update with some of the folks you visit. 1-2 minutes about their Church/town/food etc. Both stories were really interesting.
    Love you Odis


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